It’s hard to describe what I do

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I’m heading back to my old referral networking group, BNI A-Team tomorrow. I’m a substitute for my pal Monique Strathern – the Tupperware lady with the tight seal – while she enjoys an Hawaiian vacation.

I look forward to these occasional trips back to BNI because it gives me a reason to dust off my elevator pitch; those few introductory lines that explain what an information professional is and what one can do for your business. All in a coherent 90 seconds.

source: 360innovation

I normally explain it as “reference librarian for hire”, which works only works if you have experience with a reference librarian at work or at school. I’m beginning to accept that fewer and fewer people have that frame of reference these days. Too bad. They don’t know what they are missing.

Sometimes I get sassy in response to the question “what is an information professional?” I’ll say “I’m better than Google” or “I’m so much more than Google”. But with all these answers I’m missing one key element – the client.

As info-pro guru Mary Ellen Bates explains, “time is money”. That is why smart business people hire information professionals. They want thorough, accurate, timely information with context and they know only doing a Google search isn’t good enough.

So what does an information professional do? I make my clients look smart and I help them make good decisions. It’s not really that difficult to describe at all.



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