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I started my Christmas holidays a little early so I didn’t spend a whole lot of time online this past week. However, here are three gems I used. is a massive universal library catalogue containing millions of items from 10,000 libraries. I use it to look for materials by, or about, people I research. Sometimes I just trying to verify the title of a book referenced in an article. These entries should be trustworthy.

Another place to find some basic biographical information about Canadians is the Honours database hosted by the Governor General Of Canada.


I have found a few errors in some of the entries but luckily they are so glaring they are easy to catch.

Birth date, death date….almost the same thing. BTW, Hogg died in 1993.

And finally, PastFoward by the Winnipeg Public Library includes some fine local history in digital form. I especially love the Rob McInnes postcard collection.

Source: Winnipeg Public Library

Have you been to a website with a great research resource? Let me known.

Cool Yule all.



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