Speaking at Global Entrepreneurship Week, November 2016. Photo Credit: Blair Kilrea, CollabSpace.

About me, a digitalsmith

  • Professional librarian since 1990
  • Independent Information professional since 2014
  • Why "digitalsmith"? I am shamelessly using my last name and bringing the analogy of the blacksmith into the age of digital information. The blacksmith was a cornerstone in the village once upon a time. People depended on the smith to make tools needed for everyday life. Today the tool most used by people and business is information. I can craft that tool for you
For over 20 years, I worked for a national news wire based in Ottawa, Canada. My role in the newsroom was to help reporters, editors and graphic artists do what they do best – reporting and creating content – by providing thorough background and research materials for them in a cost effective and timely manner.

Over time my experience allowed me to put on a journalist’s hat as well. I can create content like fact boxes and sidebars for publication as well as the information needed for graphics and charts.

I also trained reporters to use the ever-changing tools of their trade: online databases, spreadsheets, social media, search engines.

Let me take you and your business information needs beyond a basic Google search. Hire me to do your research and fact checking to ensure you have the most current and accurate information for your project:

Intrigued? Do you think I can add value to your business or organization? Drop me a line. My rates are reasonable and available on request.

To see my resume, please go to my LinkedIn page