Do you think In-depth research means checking all the way to the bottom of the third page of an internet search result? Research is defined as a ‘systematic investigation’ or ‘diligent search’ to find and interpret facts. Digitalsmith uses a variety of credible sources to answer your information needs.
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Can you identify “fake news” from the real thing? Learn how to search Google more effectively with our small group training sessions. Need to find information, but don’t know where to start?
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Access to information

Access to information is a public right and a useful tool for businesses, voluntary organizations, not-for-profit groups and individuals. Digitalsmith can file requests on your behalf for government records that are not otherwise made available.
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I do presentations about research techniques and smarter Google searching

Access to information

Obtain hard to get government information

Fact checking

Make sure the article is accurate before you publish

Media monitoring

Pointers to help you keep track of a topic or an industry


Need sidebars, fact boxes or information for use in infographics?


Our business motto is: “I don’t know everything but I know where to find it”. We have decades of experience doing primary and secondary source research for news and business clients. That means using libraries and archives as well as open sources on the internet and database research. We also do telephone research.

After an initial consultation where we determine what the information needs are, we will use a variety of sources answer your question. Our job does not end by simply giving you articles and links or creating a chart or spreadsheet. We will summarize the findings, make suggestions for next steps and provide the results in a format that makes sense for you. We work within your budget and your deadlines.

Writing a book or an article and need fact checking? We can do that too.

Our clients include an encyclopedia, law firms; telecommunications companies, marketing companies, private investigators, news organizations, authors, a documentary producer, financial planners, investors, a winery, think tanks, non-profit organizations, and solopreneurs who value their time and ‘know what they don’t know’.


Ever wonder if you are getting the best ROI for the time your staff spend on Google searches?

Are you confident the information you found online is the very best for your business needs?

Have you ever said to yourself “I’m an expert in XXX, why am I wasting my time looking for this? I have more important things to do”

We offer two training sessions: “Research basics” and “Smarter Google Search”

“Research Basics” will give you tips for preparing to answer your question. The basic strategy is the same whether you are trying to answer a simple question – what is the cost of lunch in a pub in London England in 1952 – or need to find complex information – a literature review with meta-analysis of all studies on obesity and video games in children under 15 in Australia in the last 35 years.

“Smarter Google Search” focuses on ways to get the best value for staff time on the world’s most popular search engine. It includes time saving shortcuts, ways to improve the precision of your search and how the read the results.

Both workshops will provide handouts.

Workshops can be tailored for a specific audience.

Both workshops include a section on “fake news” and media literacy.

Access to information

The federal Access to Information law allows any Canadian citizen to request government records for a $5 fee. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? The reality is different. It requires knowledge of government organization and records, familiarity with the Act and lots of patience to yield useful results.

Digitalsmith can help you with the wording of your requests, tracking deadlines and negotiating with the ATI analysts. We have years of experiences filing requests for media and corporate clients.

Since only Canadian citizens or permanent residents can file federal ATI requests, we can also act on behalf of foreign clients.

Access to information 101 can also be made into a workshop.